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The far south coast of New South Wales is a beautiful place - with pristine beaches, a hinterland of national parks, and rolling hills dotted with dairy farms. Mountain View is nestled on the edge of Biamanga National Park. We start and end our working day by taking in the vista of Gulaga Mountain and bushland to a chorus of lyrebirds, kookaburras and parrots. What a place for a tree change adventure!

At Mountain View we grow sixteen varieties of tomatoes each season, alongside their perfect summer partner – sweet basil.  We grow your favourites while surprising you with heirloom varieties you might not have seen before. There’s nothing quite like a platter of our delicious and colourful tomatoes to bring joy to your table.

We grow our tomatoes hydroponically in greenhouses without pesticide sprays.  Instead of spraying, we populate the greenhouses with good bugs that eat the bad bugs and leave the tomatoes for our happy customers to eat.    

We are proud of how delicious our tomatoes are. We harvest them when they are ready to eat, and take them to Farmers markets ourselves.  We love seeing the happiness that spreads through the summer market when the tomatoes arrive.  And we love talking tomatoes, so feel free to ask or share – growing tips, recipes, anything!

We look forward to seeing you at a market, and hope you enjoy rediscovering the taste of summer with us.

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